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Books and Art by Kimberly Vogel

What Does She Do?

I write fiction books & 

I make artwork that I turn into merchandise


: Fiction Books : 

My books can be grouped as teen, young adult, new adult, and adult. 

I have a wide variety of genres that I cover. So far I have published medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, sci-fi, romance, secret agent, supernatural mysteries, and teen fiction. 

: Artwork :

My artwork can be grouped into book characters, animals, nature photography, and a wide variety of other types. 

The merchandise I make are note cards, magnets, buttons, stickers, coloring books, and bookmarks. 

Featured Book or Artwork

Rae as Queen - Note Card (blank w/envelope), Magnet, Button (Pin-Back)

Sheep - Note Card (blank w/envelope), Stickers (Pack of 12 - same faces as on Note Card), Magnet, Button (Pin-Back) 

Flower Yellow Tulip - Note Card (blank w/envelope), Magnet, Button (Pin-Back)

Collagraph Print - Sun & Moon - Note Card (blank w/envelope), Magnet, Button (Pin-Back)