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Books and Art by Kimberly Vogel

Dia's Story: Indigo Flight

     This is the story of Dia. She is a fifteen year old girl who lives on the grounds of a private school. At least, that's who she thinks she is. Things aren't always what they seem to be around that place. At first she tries to ignore it, but when things get too weird to ignore her whole world caves in. Hints of conspiracies are revealed, but there's not much she can do about it. At least, there's nothing that she can do until she draws the line at what's right and what's not. In her pursuit of truth, is it better to stand back and let others better equipped do it or for her to muddle through it the best way she can?

Rather than publishing each book as an individual one and having the 3-in-1 books as collections, I've decided to publish the 3-in-1 collections only, since Dia's memory loss happens at 3 month intervals. The collections are: Indigo Flight: Into the Wild (Books 1-3), Indigo Flight: Interim with Academics (Books 4-6), and Indigo Flight: Inside the Cage (Books 7-9).

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Sci Fi, School 

Indigo Flight: Into the Wild 

Books 01-03

 This edition holds books 1-3: Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Butterfly.

In them we are introduced to the world that Dia lives in. It is a strange place, where existence is contained within a school campus. Only teens are here, or so it seems. Strange things happen on campus. At first Dia thinks that this is all there is, but then things change...

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Sci Fi, School 

Indigo Flight: Interim with Academics

Books 04-06

This edition holds books 4-6: Spiders, Mantis, and Bees.

In them Dia takes refuge in another country's school. It is a place where existence is allowed outside of campus. Many people of all ages are there, both friendly and unfriendly to our heroine. Most of the danger comes from within her, however...

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Sci Fi, School 

Indigo Flight: Inside the Cage

Books 07-09

 This edition holds books 7-9: Egg, Bird, and Cage.

In them Dia returns to the country she escaped. Many things are revealed. Through it all, her mind is on the one she left behind. She has to get back to him. No matter what happens there, when she makes it back to campus, will he still want her?

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Sci Fi, School